Touch&Play Montréal
Winter 2020

February 13-16th, 2020, near Montreal, QC

Own your desires
Express your boundaries
Give yourself permission to play!


Discover a new world of play and pleasure

drawing from

Contact Improvisation * Tantra

Non-violent Communication * BDSM

Authentic Movement * Ritual

Somatic Awareness… and more!


Chaya & Justis

Chaya & Justis

Dancing with Eros – Guiding and Surrendering

An Exploration of Dominance and submission through Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation provides the playground through which we can embody the archetypal roles of Dominance and submission.

In both guiding and surrendering, we open ourselves to a state of receptivity. This allows us to soften into our intuition and trust of self and other, providing the opportunity to surrender safely, consciously and by choice, and to guide with confidence and clarity. Through exploring both dominant and submissive roles we will build trust and connection to journey deeply together through mutual care and support.

In guiding we will focus on the other, noticing our connection to our partners and discovering a fascination with our influence. We will manipulate our partner’s limbs and joints to find their core and center of gravity. By tracking their weight and momentum, we can anticipate their natural reaction and direct their movement patterns as we desire. By setting timing and providing support, we offer the opportunity to surrender.

In surrendering, we will focus on our own internal experience. We will practice allowing ourselves to be influenced and directed by our partners. By discovering states of relaxation and flow, we learn to stay connected and in a ready state. We will explore how changes in muscle tone can make us more or less available to receive our partner’s direction.



Come ready to feel bolder, sexier and radically real in the luscious nature of Québec.

We offer you the cutting edge technology of body, spiritual, psychological and erotic intelligence.

Through workshops, rituals, jams and free play spaces, we’ll offer you the tools that can guide you get into unconventional BLISS.

Let’s expand our experiences, what we think is allowed, and fully own our desires based on our own inherent passions.

Curiously stepping out of our comfort zones and seeing what lies beyond them.

We urge you to bring these tools home, share them with your lovers, and make your life as phenomenal as you could possibly envision.

Touch&Play History

The Touch&Play Project started in 2010 as a platform to challenge the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI) as it existed at that time. Through a first festival in Berlin teachers of CI and a range of other body-based practices were invited to explore the ‘Chemistry in Contact’  by inviting in participants’ emotions, sexuality, aggression, politics and everything else often kept out of our dances.

The event was a success and the material reverberated around the European and North-American contact communities raising discussions on the boundaries of our practice and the perceived (un)safety of our attempts to exclude our chemistry from our dances.

The first Touch&Play project to occur in the US was facilitated July 2016 at Earthdance on the theme of communication. It was a great success. The festival received a large amount of positive feedback.

This is Touch&Play’s fourth appearance in Canada and we are honored to be a part of this growing movement.

Contact Improvisation continues to evolve. We invite you to be active in its evolution by exploring the ways in which our verbal and non-verbal communication enhances our connections, allowing us to dance more clearly and honestly.


Touch&Play Montreal is taking place on the gorgeous land of Sur les Toits du Monde.

At the health center Sur les Toits du Monde, located on the highest mountain of Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, QC,you will be able to live a peaceful experience in direct connection with nature. Available to you are a salt indoor pool, sauna, SPA, fully equipped community kitchen and meditation room and inspiring library to feed your spirit.

Get ready to play !